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The François Vase (Trailer) from Gabriela Vainsencher on Vimeo.

Gabriela Vainsencher and Daniel Fox, The François Vase, 2013, HD video with score for string quartet, 23:23 min (trailer)

The François Vase

at Soapbox Gallery

Gabriela Vainsencher and Daniel Fox

A video with score for string quartet

Video projection accompanied by live performance of the score by The Momenta Quartet.

November 1, 8PM, at Soapbox Gallery, 636 Dean Sreet, Brooklyn, NY 11238 [Directions]


While Parker's Box is in the process of finding a new space and reinventing ourselves, we are thrilled to join forces with Soapbox gallery in order to present visual artist Gabriela Vainsencher and composer Daniel Fox's latest joint endeavor, The François Vase. The video, featuring the Philadelphia-based Green Chair Dance Group, retells the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur in the labyrinth from the Minotaur's perspective.



Parker's Box
193 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

NOTE: this event will happen at Soapbox gallery, 636 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 11238 [Directions]


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