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About Us

Parker's Box is a ten year old gallery, established in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in 2000. The gallery is committed to championing the work of both American and overseas artists whose practice and attitudes are innovatory while being instilled with curiosity towards both the mechanisms of the contemporary world, and the mechanisms that can operate within a work of art.


Alun Williams
Artist, Board of Directors of Triangle Artists' Workshop, New York; Founder and President of Triangle France, international studio and residency program, Marseille, France; Founder and Vice-President of La Vigie Art Contemporain, Nîmes, France Graduated from the MFA program at Goldsmiths' College, London, UK

Director at Large:
Helianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin
Art Historian and Independent Curator. Graduated from The Ecole du Louvre and La Sorbonne University in Paris with three Master of Fine Arts and specialties in 16th and 17th centuries, contemporary art, art magazines from the 60's and the 70's, museology, and communication. Curated shows in Paris, Toronto, New York City, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Connecticut such as "Happy Art for a Sad World", Spike Gallery (2004); "Micro-Universe", The Lab Gallery (2005); "Characters Scene I and II", The Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts and Silvermine Guild Arts Center (2005), "The Troubled Waters of Permeability", Parker's Box (2007); "Suspect Reason", Artlexis (2009). Former Director of Peter Freeman, Inc., New York. Collaborator of Whitewall Magazine, New York.

Kendall Glover
Artist, Graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Owned by Grand Street Gallery LLC under the presidency of Tim and Nancy Grumbacher

Parker's Box
193 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211