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Born 1969 Besançon, France, lives and works in New York

Since 1990, Patrick Martinez has been exploring different forms of expression such as video art, sound art, drawing, installation and design. Through a wide range of media, he establishes experimental structures to examine ideas about process, action, mobility, adaptation and resistance. His work also studies the relationship between an object and its context of presentation in order to challenge perception.

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SOLO shows
2010 High, Low and in Between, Parkerís Box, Brooklyn, USA
2008 The Tunnel, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2006 Strangers in the night, Galerie Friche belle de Mai, Marseille, France
2005 The Ends, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
WOOF, The Showroom Gallery, London, United Kingdom
BROOKLin Video, FUTURA, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Liquid, Le Pavé dans la Mare, Besançon, France.
2003 Liquid, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2002 Freestyle, Metrònom, Barcelona, Spain
2000 Ball Machine, Galerie Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
1999 New media new face 0, Patrick Martinez, Kei Shimogawa, Intercommunication center (I.C.C), Tokyo, Japan
1998 Feu, Casa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Les Amis (movie set), Galerie Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
1997 Sagacho bis exhibit space, Tokyo, Japan
1996 Hôpital Ephémère, Paris, France Galerie Sintitulo, Nice, France
GROUP shows

SpielWiese, Widmer+Theodoridis Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland
Brooklyn Art Now, Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York  

2010 WNTRSLN, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Ten Years Hunting, Parkerís Box, Brooklyn, USA
2009 Drawing Quirks III, Parkerís Box, Brooklyn, USA
2007 Inside Yourself, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
The Troubled Waters of Permeability!, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2006 If it didn't exist you'd have to invent it...A partial Showroom history , The Showroom gallery, London, United Kingdom
Videodyssey, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA, Pulse Art Fair, New York, USA; Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris, France
Strangers in the night, Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille, France
2005 Ecstasy2x3, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
BROOKLin Video, Futura, Prague, Czech Republic
Throb, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Process and perception works by three French artists, Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA
Let's get tested curated by Astria Suparak, Projection: February 14, "Fitzcarraldo Ship", Liverpool, United Kingdom.Event co- organized by 'FACT Centre' and 'walk the plank'
2004 Cinema Series two, Artprojx, London, United Kingdom
Summer shorts, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Brooklyn Euphoria, curated by Alun Williams, Volume, New York, USA
Let's get tested, curated by Astria Suparak, Screenings: April 22: Swarthmore college, Philadelphia, USA; May 7: Illinois State University, Normal, USA; May 3d: 50th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany; June 24: Girls Film School, Sante; Fe, USA; November 8: Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, USA; December 8: Independent film show; 4th edition, Napoli, Italy
2003 Divining Fragments, Center for Photography, Woodstock, USA
Urbietorbi PHotoEspaña en la calle, 6th festival PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain
25hrs, Video festival, Barcelona, Spain
5th annual video marathon, Art in general, New York, USA
Up In Arms, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Recession, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, USA
Tanto por ciento, Fundacion Rei Afonso Henriques, Zamora, Spain
2002 Cadavre exquis, Galerie Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
2001 Spunky, Exit Art, New York, USA
Haïku, Galerie Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
2000 D'amelio Terras Gallery, New York, USA
4th biennial of Werkleitz, Germany
Three cubed, Artists Space, New York, USA
1999 Tendance, Abbaye Saint André, contemporary art center, Meymac, France
Video festival DECIBELS/IMAGES, Marseille, France
1998 Bruits secrets 1, CCC, contemporary creation center, Tours, France
New kids in town, E&Y gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Le Voyage Immobile, Galerie Georges Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
1996 Arcos da lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Etablissements d'en face, Bruxelles, Belgium
Sculptures d'été, Sintitulo gallery, Nice, France
Précipité(e)s, Galerie des Archives, Paris, France
1995 L'art d'aimer, Curiositas Erotica, Villa Saint Clair, Sète, France
Jour de Fête, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Orléans, France
1993 ( Montreuil, Montreuil, France, J. Julien, P. Martinez)
1992 Ateliers Fort Beauregard, Besançon, France
La Maison, Douai, France
1991 Fine arts school, Grenoble, France
1993-1994 Institute of High Studies in Visual Arts, Parism France
1990-1992 Fine arts school of Grenoble (Visual Arts Expression Superior National Diploma)
1987-1990 Fine arts school of Besançon (Visual Arts National Diploma)
2006 Realization of a wall paper in collaboration with Naohiro Yamada for Yohji Yamamoto' shop in Kyoto, Japan
2005 Creation of the industrial design company ‚'Blank Bubble llc'
1995 Soup plate la maison inondee, AXIS, Paris, France
Dec 12 2003 LÄPIN KULTÄ (Päivi Björkenheim, Patrick Martinez), Galeria do poste, Niteroi, Brasil
Dec 8 2003 LÄPIN KULTÄ (Päivi Björkenheim, Patrick Martinez), Caixa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
May 10 2003 LÄPIN KULTÄ (Päivi Björkenheim, Patrick Martinez), Triangle Residency Program, New York, USA
March 8 2003 LÄPIN KULTÄ (Päivi Björkenheim, Patrick Martinez), Parker's Box, New York, USA
2003 Aide à la création', (D.R.A.C Franche Comte), France Artist in residence, 'Triangle Residency Program', New York, USA
1999-2000 Artist in residence, 'International Studio Program', New York, USA (AFAA, French ministry of foreign affairs)
1996-1997 Artist in residency program, Marunuma, Saitama, Japan (A.F.A.A, French ministry of foreign affairs)
1996 Artist in residency program, Villa Saint Clair, Sète, France
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Parker's Box
193 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211