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Born 1968 Connecticut, USA, lives and works in New York and Paris

Jason Glasser falls into that rare category of successfully creative split-personalities, since he is as committed to his practice as a rock musician as he is to that as a visual artist. Indeed, his attitude, preoccupations, imagery and media are unavoidably influenced by the fact that he was a rock star in his previous artistic life. While in recent years he has devoted enormous energy to his visual art practice, he retains a huge following from his days with the seminal band, Clem Snide, as witnessed by the success of his recent solo album, Beauty Is.

It's difficult to know if Jason Glasser's world is the past, present or future of the world we know, and if it's grounded in science fiction, premonition or mythology. There are mammoths, lions, bears, cows, deer and birds. There are hunters with spears and hunters with guns, and a monkey on a bicycle being bombarded by warplanes. These characters can be found in various settings- landscapes, with mountains, lakes, roads, rivers and houses. There are also a number of "beings" that are more difficult to describe- often oval or round, and with faces or eyes, some smiling, some not.

Artist's website:

SOLO shows

Lone Star, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, New York

2011 HEADS UP!, La Maison d'art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur-Marne, France  
2009 Fossil Fuel, La Pavillon, Pantin, France
Charms, film retrospective, Festival Côté Court, Pantin, France
2007 Sticky Stuff, Espace 1789, Saint Ouen, France
Graphic Fuzz, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2006 Icicles and Arctic T.V.s, Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris, France
2005 Lion et Oiseau, Centre d'art Chapelle Saint-Jacques, Saint-Gaudens, France
2004 Wrong Hero, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France
2003 Fruitkey, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2002 Jason Glasser, New Works, Rhodes + Mann, London, United Kingdom
1999 Jason Glasser, Invisible Plane, Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, USA
1997 FruitKey, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, USA
GROUP shows
2012 Rencontres no. 39, La Vigie, Nîmes, France
West, Studio Tour, Austin, Texas
Austin Rubbings, DOMY, Austin, Texas
Graphic Fuzz, Bows + Arrows, Austin, Texas

Teatro Delle Esposizioni, Villa Medicis, Rome, Italy
WNTRSLN, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Cutters, Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Musique plastique, Galerie du jour Agnés B., Paris, France


Access & Paradox, Espace d'Animation des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, France
ROAD TRIP, Nuit Blanche Paris, Paris, France
Take Shape/Make Shift, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France
Ten Years Hunting, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Traversée d'art, Château de Saint Ouen, Saint Ouen, France
Mud Office, performance with Charlie Jeffery and Raphael Zarka, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Treasures for Theatre, Mud Office, performance, Ferme du Buisson, Marne la Vallée, France

2009 POL/A, Galerie Nivet-Carzon Paris, France
Dime Bag, Giant Robot, New York, New York, USA
Cutters, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Mud Office, Performance, Galerie Edouard Manet, Gennevilliers, France
MOFO, music festival, Fruitkey, Mains D'Oeuvres,Saint Ouen, France
2008 Pillars of Fire, performance/projection, Mains D’œuvres, Saint Ouen, France
Raise ‘em to be Cowboys, Leo Kesting Gallery, New York, New York, USA
2007 Inside Yourself, Parker’s Box, Brooklyn, USA
Enterprises Singulieres, MAC/VAL, Centre d’art Contemporain, Vitry-sur-Seine, France
2006 Videodyssey, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA; Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris, France
Tennewpaintings, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2005 The Green Ray, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
Zoo Galerie, Nantes, France
2004 Eats,Shoots and Leaves, Parker's Box at York Arts, York, USA
Zoo Galerie, Nantes, France
2003 Mari Posa, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France
Distant Shores, Parker's Box, Brooklyn, USA
2002 Parakeet Salon, Parakeet Art Space, Brooklyn, USA
Second Sight, Hunter College Art Gallery, New York USA
Dear Deer, BARK, Brooklyn, USA
The Panorama Project, 69a gallery, San Francisco, USA
Exquisite Day, Plus Ultra Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Dime Bag, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2001 Made in the Shade, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island, USA
Altered Landscapes, LFL Gallery, New York, USA
Dictionary, sound experiment with John Roach and John Hudak, Electric Boat, Seattle, USA
2000 Summer, Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, USA
Millenium 2000, 450 Gallery, New York, USA
1999 Subliminal View, Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, USA
1997 Vertical Painting, permanent painting installation at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island, USA
The Peaceable Kingdom, Yearsely/Spring Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
Summer White, Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, USA
Big Art in Small Places, Judson Memorial Church, New York, USA
Recent Works by Jason Glasser and Paul Johnson, 479 Project Room, New York, USA
1996 Master of Fine Arts Degree, Hunter College, New York, USA
1990 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
1988 The Academy of Fine Arts, Brugges, Belgium
2004 Discovered, Covered: The Late, Great Daniel Johnston (Gammon)
2003 Clem Snide, A Beautiful E.P. (SpinArt/Fargo)
2002 Hear Music, Between Stories, Compilation (Hear Music)
AutoFocus, Original Motion Picture Sountrack (Sony Pictures Classics/Sanctuary)
2001 This is Next Year, A Brooklyn Based Compilation (Arena Rock)
Clem Snide, Moment in the Sun, 4 song EP (SpinArt)
Clem Snide, The Ghost of Fashion, full length CD, Producer and player (SpinArt)
Clem Snide, Ice Cube, single (Cooking Vinyl, U.K.)
Clem Snide, Song for Bob Crane b/w Frustrated Poet, single (Self-Starter Foundation)
1999 Clem Snide, Your Favorite Music, full length CD (Sire /Warner Bros. Records)
Clem Snide, I Love The Unknown, single (Cooking Vinyl, U.K.)
1997 Clem Snide, You Were A Diamond, full length CD (Tractor Beam Records)
Never Kept A Diary, Compilation (Motorcoat)
1995 Clem Snide, Untitled, 4 song EP (Cardboard Records)
1993 Clem Snide, Rock & Roll b /w Important, single
2009 Fruitkey, Charms, CD/ DVD (LiveristheCocksComb)
2007 Fruitkey, Chevaline, (T-Rec)
2005 Fruitkey, Beauty Is, CD w/ videos (T-Rec)
1994-97 Fruitkey, Fruit Key and Twig Key, Cassette Series (Cardboard Music)


2010 Syd Matters, Brotherocean, Because Music
2002 Hyperjinx Tricycle: The music of Daniel Johnston and Jack Medicine (Important Records/ Propoganda)
Elk City, Hold Tight the Ropes, (Hidden Agenda)
The Toilet Boys, Toilet Boys, (Masterplan Entertainment)
2001 A Tribute to Big Star: additional songs by Chris Bell, Compilation (LunaSea)
This is Next Year: A Brooklyn Based Compilation (Arena Rock)
Theme Song for NBC Television series ED PRODUCER
Volkswagen advertisement, Passenger (Music for Picture)
A Camp, A Camp: Nina Pierson, (Universal International)
2000 Champale, Simple Days, (Pitch-a-Tent) 2000
1997 Whipped, Film Sountrack (Emotion Motion Films)


2009 Pillars of Fire, collaboration with Julien Langendorff, 17min. France
2007 Black Drop, 4.5 min. France
2005 Lion et Oiseau, 4 min., Edition Kamel Mennour, France Centaurs Study, 4 min. Edition Kamel Mennour, France
2004 Pyrénées Lion, 2.5 min. Edition Kamel Mennour, France
2003 Find Love, 3 min. Edition Kamel Mennour, France Olde Story, 3 min. Edition Kamel Mennour, France


2007 Fruitkey, Chavaline, CD, published by T-rec, France
2005 Fruitkey, catalog, co-editors, Triangle France and Parker's Box, New York, Editions Sept, Paris, France
Armpit of the Mole, Fundació Trenta Quilòmetres Per Segon, Barcelona, Spain


CNAP, Centre National des Arts Plastiques, series of four works, France
P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center/ MoMA, permanent installation, USA

Parker's Box
193 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211